AIKA is an atmospheric orchestral soundtrack wrapped around a philosophically inspired science fiction story written by Tom Jubert. Its scenes are described by the moody music composed by Mikko Tarmia, Paul Houseman, Michael Law and Ari Pulkkinen. Lavish illustrations, created by Tuija Fagerlund, will accompany the music and story.

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Track list:
1. Mikko Tarmia - Prologue
2. Michael Law - Comrades
3. Mikko Tarmia - Inevitability
4. Ari Pulkkinen - 00:01
5. Paul Houseman - X I
7. Mikko Tarmia - Rewind
8. Ari Pulkkinen - Empty
9. Paul Houseman - Gap
10. Mikko Tarmia - Broken
11. Michael Law - 00:59
12. Mikko Tarmia - Hour
13. Mikko Tarmia - 01:01
14. Mikko Tarmia - X II
15. Paul Houseman - The End
16. Mikko Tarmia - Epilogue

Full track from AIKA: Rewind