Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been defined as one of the darkest and scariest games ever created. A major part of its dreaded atmosphere was created with soundscapes and music. Now return to Brennenburg Castle with the game's official soundtrack album, composed by Mikko Tarmia, with a selection of remastered tracks from the game, in addition to many previously unreleased pieces.

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Watch a trailer video consisting of various tracks from the album:

Track list:
01. Menu theme
02. Darkness
03. Lux Tenebras
04. Grand hall
05. Ending: Alexander
06. Next to the Guardian
07. Theme for Unknown
08. Dark water
09. Daniel's room
10. Grunt's appearance
11. Back hall
12. Ending: Agrippa
13. Suitor attacks
14. Basement storage
15. Brennenburg theme
16. Hub
17. Ending: Alexander (alternative version)
18. Bridges
19. The End